Friday, April 13, 2007

Hubby Reenlists!!

Well, Hubby reenlisted for another four years yesterday in country. He wrote me an email hoping I was proud of what he did and that I won't mind too much being married to the Army. Well, I promptly wrote back that I was indeed very proud of his service to this country and that I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now some think I'm absolutely nuts. Oh well, then I guess I am. Why don't I mind? Because for one thing he likes what he does and he's damned good at it. Of course I'm proud and supportive of him. How could I keep him from doing what he loves anymore than I'd want him keeping me from something I felt was important and that I wanted to do.

I understand the Military, the people who serve selflessly, and I understand the mission. I grew up in the Military. My family has a long tradition of military service, and my sons will follow in those footsteps. It is because of those that volunteer that we have the freedoms and comforts that we do today. It's the reason we can sleep safely in our beds at night.

So the next time someone says I'm nuts...I'll tell them they're right and I'll wear that badge proudly.

Laura "Nuts" Roberts
Proud Army Wife


Chelly said...

It is amazing how safe one can fill with a life that most feel is just plain nuts.. I grew up military, twice over, both father and step-father were military.. And now, I find myself dedicated to a man that is planning a full 20 maybe more years of service to the military.. And, I feel safe in knowing he will be in for those years..

Laura Roberts said...

Yup, know the feeling well. Thanks for your input. My hubby is planning a full 20 year term also.

Laura Roberts,
Proud Army Wife
Veteran, USAF

bshel07 said...

I have to say I admire your strength. I only hope my weakness turns to strength like you have. I am so proud of my fiance for what he does and I know that I can deal with all the Guard puts in front of us except if we find out for sure today that he is to be deployed.

Nina said...

i wish i could say the same thing.. i lok up to you that you can agree like that... help me how do u do it?